It's Show time!

Dec 7th ​Thursday 7pm show 2 tickets $16

Dec 8th Friday  7pm show 5 tickets $40

Dec 7th 7pm ​Thursday show 5 tickets $40

   A Little Peace of my Heart has a cast of over 60 talented kids that have been rehearsing for 3 months to bring you this heartwarming, funny musical about the true meaning of Christmas.

  It's time for the President to pick children from all over the country to sing in his Peace Choir at Washington DC's tree lightning ceremony.  What an honor to be chosen. For some this could be the start of big beautiful things. 

 Like Carrie Jo Jenson, who is traveling from her home in Kansas for the first time and is ready to see the world and leave her cares behind or the Southward sisters from Texas, who are sure to be stars. 

  It's going to be a Christmas to remember, but first, these students, must meet a whole cast of characters in Chicago O' Hare airport and fly into Washington DC together.  

  All seems lost when the airport gets snowed in and all flights are cancelled.  

 Join us a for a night of great music, and all the feels, as these kids learn the true meaning of Christmas in this heartwarming, yet hilarious original Spotlight Kids Theatre Musical!

Dec 9th Saturday matinee at 2:00  1 ticket $8

Dec 9th Saturday night 7pm, closing show 1 ticket $8

Dec 9th Saturday night 7pm, closing show 5 tickets $40

Dec 9th Saturday matinee at 2:00  2 tickets $16.00

Dec 9th Saturday matinee at 2:00  5 tickets $40.00

Dec 8th Friday 7pm  show 2 tickets $16

Dec 8th Friday 7pm show 1 tickets $8

Dec 7th ​Thursday 7pm show 1 ticket $8

Dec 9th Saturday night 7pm, closing show 2 tickets $16

All tickets bought online will be available at Will Call

Show is at Weld Central Middle School,

Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time.

4977 Co Rd 59, Keenesburg, CO 80643

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