Current Season

Click here for information on our current season March 14th-May 16th 2017

Spotlight Milestones

May 2007 – Chris Churches along with Kristin Bradshaw started Sounds Of Joy, which focused mainly on teaching choir and vocal ensembles.  Sounds Of  Joy is now our sister company teaching a variety of private lessons on any instrument to students of all ages.

January 2010 – Jen Trostel (current founder and vice president) and Chris Churches, started Spotlight Kids Theatre and Co.  Dedicated to producing quality original productions as an LLC.  They produced 7 full length original musicals and worked with over 1000 kids.


August of 2013 – The first non-profit board was established and Spotlight Kids Theatre pursued their no-profit status as a 501c3 with the IRS.  

July of 2014 - Spotlight Kids Theatre was approved as a charity and a non profit organization began anew!!

2014-2017 - Have produced 4 full length musicals and 4 junior productions, including writing. Have had numerous outreaches and is has worked with hundreds of kids in our community.



Spotlight Kids Theatre would not be possible without the welcomed support of our community friends and local businesses. Our board is made up of talented members of the North Denver Metro area, these shows are funded by community minded individuals and businesses - people who love the arts and love kids and have a passion to see dreams fulfilled on stage and off.  We are ALWAYS looking for great people to get involved. If you have a passion for kids or the arts, contact us today!

    "Masterpieces... Every child is an artist!"  

-Pablo Picasso